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All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Nowadays, for a general man it has really become impracticable to accomplish all his dreams of a comfortable life. To fulfill such dreams, most of the banks offer financial assistance or different types of loans to the individual. Gold loan is one such type of loan with certain types of advantages over other types of loans.

In simple verbal communication, gold loan is the loan or financial assistance given by our financial company against the total gold owned by you. From recent past, this yellow element has emerged out as sole winner of the investment market. Now, with the facility of gold loan, it has added another color to its wings.

In India, gold is seen as the synonym for wealth and most of Indians love to make some investment in the gold. If you also amongst those people who owned a sufficient amount of gold and in a need of money then why to look for other options when you can get an easy and fast loan on your gold.

Gold Loan briefing

you can take gold loans by pledging jewellery and gold coins our company can offer loans only against gold jewellery. The purity of gold should be 18-24 carat. Our company will determine the value and give a part of that as loan.

There are several compensation of gold loan over other types of loans available in the market. Let us have look on each possible benefit of this loan in detail.

1. Low interest rate of gold loan we offer gold loan at an interest rate of 12-16% which is significantly lower than the other types of loans. This is the major benefit and principal reason to opt for this loan.
2. No income certificate needed for the gold loan if you are not a salaried employer but stills need money for your any sort of obligation then this loan is the best solution for you. As for applying to this loan you don't need any sort of income certificate. Only thing which is needed is your gold which will be kept with us in a safety locker till you pay your amount of the loan.
3. Immediate and at ease sanctioning of the gold loan Sanctioning of the gold loan does not require months or days instead it is sanctioned in few hours. You will be given an amount after haircut of your gold amount either through check or will be deposited in your account as soon as you will hand over your gold to the company. The one more thing which is accountable for the quick sanctioning of the gold loan is that it does not require the large rules and regulations of too many documents.
4. You can avail gold loan even if you have bad credit record the query which strikes in the mind of those people who have their name in bad credit is that can I avail gold loan if I have bad credit history? The answer to this is simply yes. Company has nothing to do with your credit history if you are filing an application for this loan. The only thing which matters to the company while sanctioning a gold loan is the amount of gold you acquire.

Now, the inquiry which must be striking in the nerves of your mind is that how to avail gold loan? The process for applying to the gold loan is as simple as asking for measure off to count from one to hundred. Here is the detail of process for applying to the same.

1. Decide the local branch of the company nearest to you which provides the facility of the gold loan.
2. Go to the nearest branch with your gold and with your permanent ID proof and your passport size photographs. The ID proof can be your employer identity card, your adhar card, voting ID, driving license or any other such type of document which confirms your identity.
3. Meet the branch manager and tell him about your wish or need of loan against gold. Branch will send the gold to the head office and head office has authorized some gold experts for verifying the authenticity of the gold and assessing the price of gold or branch & head office will ask you to carry the assessment of your gold from an expert and to submit the certificate of the same. This whole process requires hardly few movements. The expense for the assessment of your gold is most of the time have to pay by you.
4. In the meantime during the assessment, you can complete the other official procedure of disbursement of your loan like payment through cheque or onto your bank account etc.
5. Once the evaluation of your gold is completed, you can have your sanctioned amount in your hand through the mode opted by you.

The whole procedure of availing gold loan takes less than 1 hour and which is the most considerable part of it. (In Head Office)

Our last words of advice to you is that in India this yellow element is always taken with the matter of the pride and this is the principal reason why most of the people feel shy to have gold loan. but now the time has changed and when this loan is providing you such a great facility at lower interest and with other advantages then why not to avail it? Think over it and if you have own gold and in a need of sudden money then you should positively go for the gold loan instead of seeking help from other peoples, relatives and friends.

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