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"Microfinance is an idea whose time has come." "I've seen the power of microfinance all over the world in the eyes of mothers and fathers. It's unmistakable-the joy and deep satisfaction they feel from being able to work hard and provide for their children and their future."

Micro Finance !

In Micro Finance we are behaving like a non banking financial corporation and related services. We focus on two main mechanisms for the delivery of financial services: (1) relationship-based non banking for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses; and (2) group-based models, where several entrepreneurs come together to apply for loans and other services as a group.

Likewise we are working on: Gold Loan, Auto Loan and Micro Financing.

We buy, sell and carry on the business of leasing, hire purchase financing in respect of all types of vehicles, movable and immovable property, machinery, domestic industrial and commercial goods, components, appliances and gadgets subject to directions of Regulators.

We invest, lend or advance money on interest or otherwise either with or without security or in any other form with any person, firm or corporation and open accounts, overdrafts, cash credits and to keep fixed or other deposits with bank, loan offices or any other concern and to arrange and negotiate loans and to carry on the business of finances, money lenders and investment consultant.

We borrow or receive money on deposit either with or without security or secured by debentures.

We can import, purchase or otherwise acquire, install, work, alter, improve, prepare for market, hold, use or develop and to sell on hire-purchase or on any other basis and on such terms and conditions as the Directors of the Company may deem necessary and desirable, all types of machinery and plants, patented or otherwise, apparatus, appliances, tools and components,

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